10 on 10 March 2018

After a little sabbatical, 10 images on the 10th is back!  Its been a funny old Spring so far here in the UK, it just doesn’t seem to want to begin!  Our middle turned 11, I brought her her first camera which made me as happy as it did Ava!  It’s snowed, a stupid amount of snow (we don’t cope well with snow in the UK!) and the schools closed so we’ve been cooped up in the warm quite a bit.  Ava also had her last ‘World book day’, they don’t celebrate it at High School, and she rocked the Dorothy look!  Grace cut off nearly 40cm of her hair to donate to a charity that makes wigs for children suffering from cancer, all her idea, so we are super proud of her!

Now you’ve visited my little part of the world, head on over the pond to the lovely Kristi Burton and follow our wonderful blog circle!

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