10 on 10 July

So Summer.  So far, so good! We’ve been treated to some incredibly hot weather – if you live in the UK, Summer does’nt always equal sun!  The girls have two weeks left until the end of the school year and I’m looking forward to lazy mornings, late evenings, great sunsets and celebrating a milestone birthday for me (I’ve been ignoring it for months, but now its upon me, I’m going to embrace it and welcome in a new decade with open arms!).  We’ve already taken advantage of our gorgeous fields and had sunset walks before the harvest comes, we loved our annual school fete where the girls got in the festival vibe and had their faces painted and sparkled! And our pool has been out for weeks now, getting more use than all the other years put together I think and Grace has terrorised the boys next door with the water gun!

Please do go visit with the fabulous Breanna Peterson in Alaska and follow our incredible blog circle around to see what the past month has looked like across the world!

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