Groom in black tie hugs bride in flower crown in a field at blue hour. Houchins. Best Essex documentary wedding photographer
Groom in black tie hugs bride in flower crown in a field at blue hour. Houchins. Best Essex documentary wedding photographer
Modern bride and groom in field at sunset at The Hares Field Best Essex Suffolk documentary wedding photographer
Bride & Groom kiss under billowing veil on bridge at Henham Weddings Best Essex Suffolk documentary wedding photographer
bride and groom kiss in a snowy night at Blake Hall Best Essex documentary wedding photographer
emotional groom cries as bride in lilac dress enters church Best Essex documentary wedding photographer
black and white bride walks down stairs to her wedding Best Essex wedding photographer
Bride and Groom laugh as guests throw colourful confetti on them at Blake Hall Best Essex documentary wedding photographer
Charlotte Three Flowers Photography Best Essex documentary wedding family photographer



I’m a wedding photographer but also a bit of an introvert! I do love to people watch, and over 12 years of documenting weddings I’ve honed an intuition for spontaneous, fleeting moments of connection that make us human and tell our stories. I’ve found this relaxed way of shooting attracts couples who are often camera shy and relate very much to my approach, so if this is you, you’ve come to the right place!

With over a decade and 100’s of weddings worth of experience, I’m unflusterable, there isn’t a weather condition, a forgotten bouquet or a wind-blown-veil-mid-walk-down-the-aisle, I haven’t seen! I’m the calm amidst the chaos, can advise you if you need it and I’ll know all your timings, so you don’t need to. I take pride in creating a beautiful documentation of a moment in time that can’t be recreated and my authentic, unobtrusive style allows my couples to simply revel in their wedding day. They trust me to tell their story and deliver them a gallery that will allow them to look back and feel exactly how those moments felt and their photographs will grow in value to them with each passing year.
I’d love to do this for you too.

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“Our wedding pictures are so beyond our expectation & I can’t believe we get to cherish them forever. We also can’t believe
those pictures are of OUR wedding, they look that amazing! So nice to see little moments that I missed too!
Genuinely you’re such an amazing, kind woman who most of the time you can’t tell you’re taking a photo. I’m so drawn
to how you manage to capture the emotion of the day through your images, none of it was staged.
It was such a pleasure to share our special day with you, you blended effortlessly into the background and kept us relaxed.
I had several people tell me how amazing and friendly you were!”


Reds and pinks oversized wedding bouquet at The House Meadow Best Essex Kent documentary wedding photographer


Just like the flowers that eventually wilt and the music that fades away, so too the memories of your wedding day will start to blur with time.
What stays, what remains are the photographs.
They are the lasting remnants, the tangible, documented moments in time that refuse to fade away.
So, invest in them, hold on to them, cherish them, because long after the day has ended and your memory starts to fade, your photographs will remain.

Your photography investment
Bride and Groom laugh with Lillies in foreground at Villiers Barn. Best Essex documentary wedding photographer


Your wedding will be unique and full of magical micro moments that I can immortalise for you.
Authentic, vibrant, romantic images that build an emotive, nostalgic narrative to transport you right back to your wedding day each and every time you look at them.

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bride and groom walk hand in hand at sunset at Villiers Barn Best Essex documentary wedding photographer


“They are so incredible! We absolutely love them and just feel so ecstatic being able to re-live every single
moment. You have captured everything so perfectly!
We really couldn’t be happier. You have captured so many special moments. These photos do not just bring
back memories but bring back the feeling behind every single one. We really cannot thank you enough, we’re
beyond in love with them!”


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