30 Minutes in the Life {May 2015}

I’m not quite sure where May has gone, and found myself with only a few days left before my 30 Minutes needed to be shot!  The girls are on half term holidays from school now, but had an extra day off on Friday and, as it was such a beautiful day I thought we’d walk around the village, stopping for ice cream on the way to the park.  I know I rave on all the time about how lovely our village is, but, this time of year it is always blooming and that’s thanks to the hard working members of our little community who toil all year round to ensure Mother Nature looks her best!  This post is just a riot of colour, I love it – who needs tropical destinations?! 

I’m so grateful for this blog group – no matter how busy I am, 30 Minutes gently nudges me to pick up the camera and document a little of our little world!  To have a glimpse into how some incredible locations look through the eyes of these remarkable ladies, please do follow the circle by heading up to Scotland to the lovely Sophie of Bluebells on the Green Photography! See you next month!

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