10 on 10 August 2018

10 on 10, here again!  The end of July was all about Ava – she left primary school and join Grace in High School in September.  I was dreading it if I’m honest, I was an emotional wreck when Grace left so knew what we were in for – its a heady mix of pride, disbelief and nostalgia and knowing that she’s growing up so fast now and I can’t press pause!  We’ve still been enjoying the longest, hottest Summer since 1976 in the UK but the week Lee has taken off to have a few days out together, the weather has turned! My two best friends brought me a day in a beach hut for my birthday so we enjoyed that, had the most amazing seafood lunch delivered to us before the heavens opened and we had to make a mad dash to the car! We’ve also been to a theme park for a couple of days, rode some serious rollercoasters, stayed in a very cool hotel and got soaking wet in the rain again!  It’s been a pretty busy month!

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