My heart belongs to Firenze…

Before our daughters were born, Lee {the husband} and I visited Italy a few times, getting engaged in Piazza San Marco, Venice so it’s always been a place close to our hearts.  We’ve recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary and wanted to mark the occasion by having another Italian adventure.  Florence was next on our list of locations – our youngest daughter is named for this glorious city and it did not disappoint.  With all the history and breathtaking architecture of Rome, compacted to the size of Venice, it’s the perfect combination.  We both enjoy the pace of life in Italy, it really is so easy to get caught up in the atmosphere, the locals all seem to know one another with smiles and embraces a-plenty and heading to the popular tourist locations, we indulge in a good few hours of people watching {accompanied by glasses of something chilled – well, ‘When in Rome’ or Florence…!).  Lee likes to cook, which is very handy for me, since I’m a disaster in the kitchen so we head out to the food market on the edge of the city where the colours and smells spark my interest, only for a different reason to his!  Four days of exploring this incredible place, eating amazing food at an almost forgotten leisurely pace, topped with sights around every corner that proved to be a veritable feast for my camera has left a mark on my heart.  I know we would both whisk the girls off to live in Italy if we could but for now, I’ll be content with knowing that we will go back and we’ll take our girls with us so hopefully Italy can work her magic on them too.

The Boboli Gardens

The banks of The Arno & The Ponte Vecchio

Mercato Centrale

The Duomo – Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore & up in the Cupola

Piazza Santa Croce

And all the bits in-between……!


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