10 on 10 October

10 images on the 10th October

I’ve been a bit lapse on photographing for me again this month, mainly because wedding season is drawing to a close and I’ve been busy shooting other peoples lives.  I am, however, really glad that I actually managed to get in a photograph this month!  Theres a handful of random images here from the past month but the last few are from our annual ‘scrump’ in the fields surrounding our village.  We always get a bumper crop of apples, blackberries, greengages and this year, the conkers are particularly impressive!  This time of year is my favourite – I love the light, the colours in the trees and I also love the nights drawing in – it means cosy evenings with cups of tea and a book under a blanket – good times!  Carry on around our blog circle by heading over to the always awesome Min Mohd to see her adventures in Kuala Lumpur this month!                  

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