10 on 10 April 2018

Spring has been pretty full on with documenting my client’s lives and weddings so I’ve had to bow out of the last couple of months, I’ve missed it!! We’ve had a mixed bag of weather but have had a few adventures of our own! We stayed at Alton Towers (one of the UK’s largest theme parks – not a patch on any in the US but still a lot of fun!) for a couple of days, we’ve attended several events that our little village holds annually, we’ve managed to get to the beach once already and the girls have made the most of our longer evenings and dancing on the deck in the garden (I love that they still do this – I’ve got photos of them dancing on the deck when they were little tots!). Anyway, I digress! I’m so happy to be a part of this fabulous blog group again, and I thoroughly recommend you head over to the fabulous Evelyne Lourenco and check out what the past month has looked like for this uber talented group of photographers!!

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