30 Minutes in the Life {July 2015}

July is wedding month, I’ve had so little chance to shoot anything of ‘my life’!  The girls always have an end of year disco at school to celebrate their achievements and mark the beginning of the Summer Holidays.  They plan their outfits and hair weeks in advance (Ava even made sure her nail polish matched this year!) and its always an evening of excitement in our house.  It wasn’t planned as the day had actually been a bit overcast, but, as we came out of the school, there was the most amazing sunset in the fields next door. Grace insisted we nip back home for the camera and shoot some portraits while the light was so glorious and they were dressed in their disco gear (she’s her Mother’s daughter!).  I’m really glad she did as what we got was nothing short of magical in that most perfect Summer evening!

Head on over to the always beautiful world of Cindy Cavanagh of Image421 to see what she has in store this month!

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