10 on 10 July

10 images on the 10th of July

Its that time again! Not sure where the past month has gone, but 10 on 10 July is already here!  This really is an exceptional group of talented photographers whom every month, on the 10th share 10 recently shot images.  This month I’m sharing images of my eldest daughter who is just on the cusp of her teenage years.  She’s about to start High School in September and this stirs up all kinds of emotions for me as I know she’s in for some serious changes.  Its there in the forefront of my mind to photograph her during this Summer, probably the last one of her girlhood.  The evening I shot these, the last little sliver of sunlight was reflecting from our french doors straight through the house and she’d sat in this little pocket of light and, as a photographer, this is a gift not to be ignored!!

Please do treat yourself and follow this blog group around, you won’t be disappointed! To begin, head on over across the pond to Alaska, to see what the wonderful Breanna Peterson has shot in July!

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