Disneyland Paris & a little French road trip

A travel blog from Disneyland Paris

A personal post today as I wanted to share some of our trip to Paris.  The girls are getting pretty good at a road trip (good job as we have another one coming up that’s even further!) and as long as they’re plied with food and can take control of the music, they’re happy!  We’ve visited Disneyland Paris a couple of times already when the elder two where younger, but Florence has never been so, we thought we’d better remedy that!  We made the crossing on the boat – that was first for all of them and was totally part of the adventure!  I think Disneyland speaks for itself really, no need for me to narrate (except to say that I enjoyed challenging myself to try and take a few more interesting, art-worthy shots!).  On the drive home, we detoured and travelled up the North-West coast of France, stopping at several small but very pretty villages, where the beaches were big and beautiful and the seafood was a-plenty! France, thanks for having us, we had a ball!

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