Newborn Baby Lifestyle Shoot, Essex family & lifestyle photographer

Newborn Baby Lifestyle Shoot

If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll know I’m a big fan of newborn lifestyle shoots.  Not only is the subject perfectly beautiful, I also love looking for light, texture, reflection – to create imagery a bit out of the norm, in the home. Added to this is that first flush of parenthood – ridiculous tiredness combined with ridiculous joy – a fleeting moment that feels a bit hazy when you look back on it. There’s no better time in your lives to have captured!

I’m actually struggling a bit to find the right words for this one, this baby girl is newborn perfection and she was made by one of my oldest and bestest friends {with a little help from her partner obviously!} and I met her for the first time the morning I shot these.  I’m not ashamed to say my eyes were a little watery – she’s a lucky girl, her parents are awesome human beings and I’m so excited for them and for her – she’s so loved already!

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