10 on 10 January

10 on 10. My family documented in photography 

I had to opt out on last months 10 on 10 and really missed participating with this incredible blog circle.  We’ve all been pretty poorly this month, but luckily recovered just in time for the Christmas festivities, still, we’ve stayed in the warm, and spent a lot of time with the ones we love.  The girls have played beautifully together with new toys and its been bliss to stay in bed late, watch old films in our pj’s while we puzzled over what day it actually was!  Then, before you know it, its January and already Christmas seems like a distant memory.  So all thats left is to wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year!  

Now, pop on over to Breanna Peterson in Alaska and follow the blog circle to see what the last month has looked like!

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