Best of 2018

Best Essex documentary wedding photographer

TWO ZERO ONE EIGHT, You were an absolute blast!

The year we saw the Beast from the East, that epic Summer heatwave and football, well, it almost came home didn’t it!? 2018 saw a lot of outdoor ceremonies, a lot of sweaty dance floors, some incredible sunsets and more than a few tiddly guests drinking extra champagne to keep cool! I continue to be humbled by such warm welcomes from families who invite me in and chat to me like I’m an old friend whilst I document a day they’ll talk about with affection for years to come. I’m privy to hilarious stories told by childhood friends, I watch Dad’s proudly embrace their little girls and give them away to their nervous, waiting grooms and I get the best view in the house as those vows I’ve come to know so well are spoken and promised. After 6 years, it still makes me excited to get home and see what Ive captured, I still feel its such an honour to be witness to all the love and friendship and well, just bloody goodness that’s in the world, and I still get teary eyed (though I have found the perfect make-up finishing spray that spares everybody my mascara streaked face!). So thank you. Thank you all who’ve trusted me to capture your stories and thank you to so many of you who’ve recommended me to your friends – it’s so lovely to see you again at those weddings! I’d also like to thank my amazing little team, who I couldn’t do this job without! Uber talented, intuitive and downright marvellous humans, Lesley-Anne, Sarah and Nic are the epitome of team work. With Sarah associating for me this year and shooting full day weddings with the help of Nathalie, on dates when I was already booked meant that I could grow my business even more and, meant I had some epic images to edit and deliver for several very happy clients! Ladies, you rock! And lastly, my own love, my husband, my biggest champion. He continuously has my back, takes it on the chin when I become a non-entity at weekends, listens and nods whilst I bend his ear about the latest photography kit (even though he doesn’t have a Scooby what I’m talking about!), has total skills at ensuring our three daughters don’t start world war 3 on Saturdays and cooks me a mean roast when I have a wedding hangover on a Sunday! I’ve actually lucked out on all counts. Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on enough now, so onto my faves!!! p.s. there’s a lot!!!

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