Best of 2023

Best Essex documentary wedding photographer South Farm Hertfordshire

Best of 2023

Every year I seem to forget a little bit how much I love to do a “best of”! It’s so lush to have a reminder of every wedding I’ve shot and never fails to make me grin when the little gems pop out! And that’s what doing this is all about – it’s not the most polished portrait, nor the image that best portrays my brand (or whatever!) but the images that speak to me! We believe so hard in celebrating our love for each other that we plan these incredible events with the minutest of detail but always, always, it’s the people you’ve invited, the ones that love you both so much, who bring the spontaneity, the party, the story – your story, and those, are my favourite images. Weddings are a big, beautiful mess of love and pride and tears and hope – a fabulous representation of the best of us humans. And, as this year has been particularly dark for the world in so many ways, I’m bloody grateful that this particular light still shines so bright in my life. So thank you to all of you who chose me and my team to document your bestest days in 2023 and thank you also to all of my incredible second shooters, who bring the laughs along with the talent!

2024 couples, I hope your’e ready for the ride……!

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