10 on 10 July 2020

It’s July already and we’re all looking forward to the official end of the school year next week – home schooling is not easy!! The last month has been a bit of wash out weather wise so on the odd occasion it’s been sunny and warm, we’ve made the most of it and got outdoors! The cornfields are loving the wet weather though and they’re looking gorgeous around the village – perfect for a spontaneous sunset walk! We also ventured into London this month too, as Lee had a brief work related visit to make. We thought we’d get out for a change of scenery and as it happened we were right around the corner from Buckingham Palace! We’ve driven past Buck House a few times but never actually stopped there with the girls as its usually an utterly bonkers tourist attraction and is super crowded, so it was pretty eerie to have the entire area to ourselves and felt a bit like we were in an apocalypse movie! The final two images are the girls on the Queen Victoria Memorial monument right in the Queens front garden – I told them they’d never see it empty like this again and its one of those images that you’ll be able to remember the exact time it was taken in years to come!

Check out how the last month shaped up for the talented Kristi Burton, Bountiful Utah Photographer and then follow our blog circle all the way around!

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