10 on 10 April

This month has delivered a couple of new arrivals!  We brought our new Ragdoll baby home, he’s a seal mitted boy who just had to be named Hooper since he’s Chief Brody’s sidekick!  Also in March, 13 Years after witnessing my sister give birth to my eldest nephew, I was lucky enough to be present, and document the very swift arrival of my youngest (and probably last!) nephew. Parker takes our nephew count to 8!  Such an emotional and unforgettable day, I’m so thrilled to have been able to capture his birth story for my brother and sister-in-law, who was an absolute warrior! The other images of choice are just my favourites from in-between with second photo in being our one and only niece among all those boys!

Get your click finger at the ready and follow our blog group around, starting with a trip across the pond to Philadelphia to the wonderful Evelyne Lourenco!

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